What Does It Mean to be an OFFICIAL Gold Crown Store?

To be designated an Official Gold Crown Store it means that Linda's Hallmark and Gift Gallery meets the High Criteria with Hallmark Cards with giving a High Level of Customer Service, along with high quality products and goods.

When I was the age of 16 I started my career in retail with the department store Beno's Clothing. By the age of 20 I had worked my way to manager of my own 5,000 sq ft store. After two years I relocated to beautiful Lake County to manage the 10,000 sq ft Clearlake store. Eventually finishing at the Lakeport store before the company closed the doors. 


In 1996 then owners Manny and Mary Borger offered me the opportunity to manage Mary's Hallmark. With the guidance of Manny and Mary, they taught me all aspects of running and owning a Hallmark store. In 2001 Mary lost her battle with cancer and passed away, Manny, Myself and my husband Ray became partners in the business. In 2003 Manny had made the decision to retire and offered Ray and I the privilege of buying the store, of course I accepted. In January of 2003 the longstanding Lakeport business re-opened its doors as Linda's Hallmark and Gift Gallery. 


Ray and I are originally from Humboldt County. Ray was raised in the Garberville area and graduated from South Fork High. I was raised in the town of Fortuna, graduating from Fortuna High. The moment Ray and I relocated to gorgeous Lake County we knew this was where we wanted to raise a family. Now we are the proud parents of two boys Trenten and Cory, each of which are graduates of Clear Lake High. At this moment both Trenten and Cory are United States Marines. The youngest Cory is currently an MOS Armor stationed in Virginia, while Cory just completed his enlistment.


I have taken much pride in supporting our local community, especially the kids and our local schools. I've been involved with the Booster Club, Lakeport Enhanced Education Foundation, and still an active member of the Clear Lake High School Sports Foundation. I am always willing and excited to help a wonderful cause whether it be by donation or just volunteering my time. 


Ray and myself would like to thank you for making us such a vital part of your community.  We look forward to many more years of helping you enrich the lives of your friends and loved ones. 


A Little About our History and Linda and Ray Banfill - Owners

The Banfill Family